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Our Team

Bruce Kahkesh, CEO & Founder

Bruce is the founder and CEO of Nation Capital Corp., he has over 20 years of experience in the business of mortgage brokering, lending and real estate investment in the Lower Mainland. Bruce provides leadership and vision and works closely with his team to develop and execute strategies that enhance value to clients and shareholders. He oversees all investments made by Nation Capital Corp. and ensures that proper due diligence is performed on all potential investments. He has structured and placed more than $1 billion in first and second residential, commercial and construction mortgages during his career. Bruce pursues opportunities unique to National’s Investment strategies that have generated the consistently high return on investments for his clients.

Lili Shen Kahkesh, Chief Operating Officer

Lili is the Chief Operating Officer of Nation Capital Corp., she has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She manages firm’s transactions and operations. Her duties include performing due diligence, and mitigating financial and administrative risk while providing efficient management execution. Her extensive experience in accounting and financial analysis allows her to easily work through the intricacies of complicated financial transactions and investment proposals.

Lili is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. She enjoys working with a diverse range of international and local clients, she is well respected for her business acumen; her thoughtful, detail-oriented approach and her perseverance to find innovative ways to facilitate financing solutions for her clients. She is passionate about helping individuals and families navigate the complex world of financial services through honest advice and fiduciary responsibilities. She is also heavily engaged in her community and has a strong sense of social responsibility. Lili lives by her philosophy that her actions both in work and family life should contribute to building an enduring legacy for her community.

Ralph Yetman

Ralph Yetman operates Yetmans Law Corporation in downtown Vancouver. He assists clients with their residential real estate transactions with a particular emphasis on representing both private and institutional lenders in completing their lending transactions with security and efficiency. Having completed over 40,000 real estate transactions since graduating from UBC Law School in 1983, Ralph and his staff are well positioned to handle all manner of residential financing and acquisition requests. Ralph was born in Calgary and obtained a BA in History and Economics from University of Calgary before completing his law degree at UBC. After working for several prestigious Vancouver law firms, Ralph established Yetmans Law Corporation in 2003.

Keith Nusgart

Mr. Nusgart is an independent IT consultant and real estate developer. He worked for Accenture LLP for over 25 years. He specializes in managing large complex projects and providing IT Strategy consulting to Utilities, large companies and government agencies across North America. Keith holds a BA and a MBA from North Dakota State University.

Brian Markus

Brian Markus specializes in foreclosure law at Brain C. Markus Law Corp. He was called to the bar in South Africa in 1985 and worked as a lawyer in Cape Town for two years, and then in the UK for the historical law firms of Freshfields, and Davies Arnold Cooper for 3 years before moving to Vancouver. He re-qualified and was called to the bar in Canada in 1991 and has concentrated his BC practice on foreclosure law. In addition to his downtown Vancouver law practice, he has shared his considerable knowledge and expertise in foreclosure law through the publication of numerous papers on the subject and also lectures for The Continuing Legal Education Society of BC.