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Benefits of Investing in Nation Capital

Experienced and Professional Management Team

Our Management team has over 28 years of combined experience in Mortgage Brokerage and Lending and has arranged and funded $600 million in mortgages. Our team operates Royal International Holdings Ltd. a private lender registered with FICOM.

Nation Capital takes pride in what it does, including sourcing suitable mortgage investments, analyzing mortgage applications, negotiating interest rates, establishing terms and conditions, retaining solicitors and notaries, and managing each individual investor mortgage portfolio.

Real Estate Security

All loans are registered as primary, 2nd or 3rd mortgages on residential homes. Our maximum loan to value ratio is 75%, based on appraisal reports from approved Nation Capital appraisers. Mortgages are often held in conjunction with other forms of security, such as personal and corporate guarantees, general security agreements and assignment of material contracts, such as insurance policies.  All loan agreements and other security documents are prepared by Nation Capital lawyers.

Regular Income for Investor

Our investors can choose to take quarterly dividends in cash or re-invest in additional shares.

Higher Yield of return / Low Volatility

Management of Nation Capital has demonstrated the ability to achieve annual yield of return between 8% to 12%. We are disciplined in underwriting each mortgage with continuous borrower communication and strict enforcement procedures.

Diversity of Investment

Nation Capital intends to diversify the risk of loans by registering mortgages against many residential, commercial and construction properties.