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What is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)?

A Mortgage Investment Corporation or a MIC specializes in real estate based investment and lending. The MIC is designed to provide individual investors with the opportunity to participate in a diversified mortgage portfolio by purchasing shares in the MIC.


The investments are secured with residential, commercial and construction mortgages. Mortgages may offer higher rates of return and relatively lower risk than alternative investment options by virtue of the inherent value of real estate security. In addition to property, our mortgages are often further supported by additional securities such as personal and corporate guarantees, general security agreements and assignments of material contracts, and insurance policies.

All investments and lending documents are prepared by lawyers or notaries for the MIC.

A MIC provides a convenient and effortless investment vehicle as the experienced MIC managers are responsible for sourcing the mortgages, making careful lending decisions, and negotiating the most favorable interest rates and terms possible.